Expectations – Wear and Tear

The traveling public has high expectation for the vacation rental industry. In general, the hotel and motel industry has set these expectations. It is in everyone’s best interest to presented your property in its most compelling way. The quality, condition and amenities of your property are a large part of the customer’s overall experience. A positive experience will encourage your guests to re-book your property as well as tell their friends about the great experience they had.

As a vacation property owner, you must expect normal wear and tear when renting your property. After years of experience in the industry, we can tell you that we do not see much significant damage from our guests. However, there are things that will happen in your unit that are not damage, but are expectable wear and tear.

What is ordinary wear and tear in a vacation rental property?

Remember as the rented nights increase in your property so does the volume of usage.  For example, if your property sleeps eight people and it rents for 100 nights, which is potentially 800 people eating, drinking and enjoying your property.  There may be a glass or plate accidentally dropped and broken, or cookware becomes worn.  This is normal wear and tear. Owners should plan to set aside a small percentage of income to replace items and remember many of these items are tax deductible so check with your accountant.  Some items needing replacement due to normal wear and tear are; pots and pans, glasses, dishes, coffee pot, high traffic areas that use carpet and need frequent cleaning.

What is not normal wear and tear?

If a window gets broken, a hole in the wall, a missing TV, DVD player, you get the idea. Those would not be normal wear and tear. Remember that if there is significant damage due to recklessness or theft, we have a credit card on file and insurance in place for all guests. The guest is responsible for repairs or replacements in those situations. Fortunately, in over 30 years of involvement in the industry, we have only had to collect in the area of $1,600.00 for noteworthy unit damage or theft.

Below is a list of items that Vacationville recommend including in your vacation property.

NO’s – Game systems, sports equipment, exercise equipment, boats or kayaks, crab pots, and pedal bikes.

YES’s – Nice electronics but please be sure to leave detailed instructions on how to use them, fully equipped kitchens, and Wi-Fi password secured (put the password in a place where guest can easily find it).