Vacationville Housekeeping Standards

At Vacationville, we are passionate about cleanliness. We recognize that the housekeeping department is one of the most valuable departments in our company. Our front desk staff is cheerful and informative at the time a guest makes their reservation or at check-in. However, if the guests arrive at a dirty property, it will not matter how the reservation or check-in process went. Guests expect clean and well-maintained properties when they come to Vacationville. That is what our housekeeping and maintenance team provides each day. Below is a list of our housekeeping standards and you can rest assured of our commitment to achieving them daily.

  • We pursue a housekeeping standard of excellence by the creation of front line housekeepers, detailed checklists and quality assurance inspectors.
  • If we happen to miss something in a property, a timely and courteous response to all housekeeping issues will follow.
  • We strive to provide our housekeeping employees with a safe and enjoyable work environment. We consistently remind them how important their role is in the satisfaction of our valued guests and owners. Our housekeeping teams take great pride in the cleanliness level achieved in each Vacationville property.
  • No guests or employees may smoke in a Vacationville represented property (no smoking is strictly enforced).
  • A quality assurance inspector pre-checks each property before guests arrive. This helps insure quality cleanliness goals are met, and that properties are setup, maintained, and secure for new arrivals.
  • We attend continued education classes hosted by the Washington State Transient Accommodation licensing department regarding the proper chemicals and techniques in cleaning a rental property. We are proud to say we have always had glowing marks when inspected by the Health Department.
  • Vacationville’s central laundry facility launders all linens. It adheres to all Washington State Transient Accommodation Laws insuring there is no potential growth of harmful bacteria in linens.
  • Lost and found items are logged and kept in a secure location in our office.
  • Each year we complete a “Deep Clean” of every rental property. This allows us the time to further detail the property when the demands of the busy summer season are not upon us.