Linen Program

When you contract with Vacationville Birch Bay to manage your investment vacation property, Vacationville will supply your property with linens for your use while participating in our rental program.  This consists of bed sheets, pillowcases, towels, bath mats, potholders and kitchen dishtowels. In March of each year, Vacationville will inventory its linens and purchase any needed new linen to replace old and worn-out inventory. Each homeowner will be responsible for the annual replacement costs of this added inventory. The yearly replacement cost will not exceed $100.00 per unit.

Why linen care is so important?

Improper handling of linen can make a property seem dirty and unsanitary. Residential washers and dryers, and over the counter launder soaps are not the proper way to care for transient accommodations linens. Washington State has laws governed by the Health Department that have strict rules regarding water temperature, soaps, and sanitization needed for proper laundering of linens used in transient accommodations. That is why all linens are striped and sent to Vacationville’s laundry facility for proper laundering and care. All linens go through thorough inspection and are washed, sanitized, and returned to inventory. This helps insures that any stained or damaged linens do not returned to inventory or a property for future use.

Can we use our linens that match the theme and decor of our property?

Colored linens fade quickly with the slightest amount of laundering and are very hard to sanitize. Therefore, the standard in our industry is still white sheets and towels. When using a central laundry facility it is very difficult to make sure the floral print and the striped print linens get back to the correct property. Vacationville invests in a high-quality high thread count white linens, and our guests have been happy with them for many years.

Some benefits of our Linen Program

•    Housekeepers have more time to clean your home rather then do laundry

•    Wear and tear on your washer and dryer is decreased

•    Cost of water and electricity is decreased to the owner

•    Linens are more consistent in quality and condition

•    Washington State Transient Accommodation requirements are being adhered to

•    The cost for replacement linens is more controlled and predictable

For further questions and information regarding our Linen Program please contact a Vacationville representative.