Maintenance Plan

Vacationville Birch Bay has an in-house service department that can provide prompt reliable service to our property owners and vacationing guests. Our basic rate for general maintenance remains considerably less than the average market price in the industry.

The goal of the service department is to respond to the needs of all our customers in a timely manner,  and resolve the issues quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. The department processes work orders reported by guests, homeowners, cleaners and inspectors. Work orders are scheduled and prioritized based on the information received, with the goal of “same-day” response to problems that affect a family’s vacation experience.

Realistically, some solutions require more than a day to solve. As parts may need to be ordered and or a specialist may need to be contacted. Oftentimes, the presence of an experienced technician can help calm an upset guest. Moreover, our emergency service is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which provides our guests with peace of mind during their stay. If we are unable to resolve a problem internally, we have other resources at our disposal, including relationships with various dependable subcontractors.

The following services (labor only – except where indicated) are covered under the basic maintenance plan for only $ 20.00 per month:

  • Replace all standard light bulbs as needed
  • Replacement of vinyl shower liners
  • Replacement of standard, plastic BBQ brushes
  • Replacement of stove top drip pans
  • Unclogging toilets and drains (if it takes less than 15 minutes)
  • Replacement of batteries in smoke alarms and remotes as needed
  • Resetting circuit breakers
  • Resetting GFI’s
  • Instructing guests on operation of appliances and equipment
  • Adjusting sliding screen doors
  •  Inspecting and lubricating door locks when needed
  • Pre and post-vendor check/diagnosis
  • Replacement of standard electrical wall plate covers
  • Removal of foreign objects from garbage disposal (if it takes less than 15 minutes)
  • Rehanging towel bars and racks (except those mounted on tile or when wall repair is needed)
  • Rehanging pictures
  • Re-tacking or re-gluing weather stripping
  • Tightening door hinges
  • Replacement or repair door stops
  • Adjustment of bi-fold doors
  • Tightening furniture knobs and switch plate covers
  • Fixing minor leaks under sinks (does not include faucets)
  • Tightening cabinet door hinges
  • Reconnection of electronic equipment (if it takes less than 15 minutes)
  • Reinsertion of window screens from wind or guest removal
  • Fireplace lighting
  • Cleaning greats and outside grills
  • Internet troubleshooting

All other services are billed at time and materials.